Festival-competition of I.D. Kobzon’s songs performers was held in Chita and Novosibirsk

The creative groups from the Zabaikalye Territory and the Novosibirsk Region demonstrated their talents at the venues of the Festival-competition of I.D. Kobzon’s songs.

According to the terms and conditions of the competition, students of educational institutions, professional and amateur creative groups took part in nominations: “Soloists”, “Small forms” (duets, trios), “Vocal ensembles” and “Choirs” aged from 14 to 60. 2024 has been declared the Year of the Family in our country, so the festival this time is dedicated to the theme of family, continuity of generations and family values.

The jury of the competition included cultural figures from the Zabaikalye Territory and the Novosibirsk Region, as well as Russian artists – famous performers of folk songs, Honored Artists of Russia Vladimir and Marina Devyatov, Yekaterina Ryabova, Olesya Evstigneeva, Russian pop singer Yulian, director of the Kobzon cultural foundation Anton Sobyanin, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, soloist of the Novosibirsk Musical Theater Alexander Vyskribentsev, Russian pop singer Inna Rudnik, finalists of the fourth season of the grand show Come on, all together!  family quartet Teimuraz, Eliza, Niko and Vaso Bojgua, as well as performers Irina Ortman, Gleb Matveychuk, theater and film artist Evgeny Volkov. The chairman of the jury is photographer, journalist, fashion designer, writer, daughter of the poet Robert Rozhdestvensky Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya. It is remarkable that the daughter of Iosif Davydovich, Natalia Kobzon, was among the members of the jury as an honorary guest.

“Despite the busy touring schedule of Iosif Davydovich, family values for him came first, — says his wife Nelly Kobzon, who created a cozy family world which Kobzon relished so much. — In deed, not in words, did he promote family values throughout his life. A strong family, beloved children whom he was able to raise as worthy people, adored grandchildren. He worshiped his mother until her last minute.”

From 18 to 20 April Festival-competition of I.D. Kobzon’s songs performers took place in Chita, where more than 60 performances were presented by about 300 artists from all over the region. The winner of the competition among solo performers was Elena Pevneva from the town of Shilki, and a special prize from the Kobzon Cultural Foundation went to Natalya Verkhushina from the village of Livnevo-Ozero, Khiloksky district. At the gala concert, The participants of the festival performed the songs You survived, soldier, People remember and Mother Earth, etc. The award ceremony was conducted by the Minister of Culture of the Zabaikalye Territory Irina Levkovich, the chairman of the jury Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya, musician Gleb Matveychuk and director of the Kobzon Cultural Foundation Anton Sobyanin.

On 20 April, an audition of performers from Novosibirsk took place in the concert hall of the Revolution Club. 77 applications were submitted to the competition, of which 54 participants were admitted to perform on stage. Novosibirsk residents performed songs from the war time, contemporary songs and original compositions. Competitions between the contestants were held in the categories “Professionals” and “Amateurs”, in such nominations as Gunpowder Smelling Songs (composed and performed before 2014) and Songs from Fire (composed and performed after 2014).

On 21 April, on the stage of the State Concert Hall named after Arnold Mikhailovich Katz, the Festival-Competition of I.D. Kobzon’s Songs Performers concluded with a gorgeous gala concert. The best 12 participants from Novosibirsk, Bagan, Kolyvan and Cherepanovo were selected for participation in the concert by the jury. In addition to the contestants, members of the jury also performed on stage – their performances created a truly festive atmosphere and emotionalized the audience. The finale of the gala concert an award ceremony took place, at which the winners of the festival were awarded diplomas and souvenirs.

By decision of the jury, Esfir Alekseeva, a student of the Novosibirsk M.I. Glinka State Conservatory,  and Kristina Tomina from the Russian Song Ensemble “Razdolie” (House of Culture Youth in the Kolyvan District) received  the 1st Place Diplomas. The Grand Prix and the right to participate in the final stage of the festival went to Anastasia Dementyeva from the House of National Cultures named after G.D. Zavolokin. Moreover, the jury decided to award a special prize to Elizaveta Pochtar and invite her to participate in the final stage.

The finalists of the competition will take part in the concluding round of the festival in Moscow. The winner of the Festival-competition will perform in a concert at the Moscow House of Music, which will take place on 11 September and will be dedicated to the memory of Iosif Davydovich Kobzon.

The event  was organized by the Kobzon Cultural Foundation and the Autonomous non-profit organization for promoting concert activities Russian Seasons with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Government of Novosibirsk Region, the Ministry of Culture Zabaikalye Territory and the Ministry of Culture of Novosibirsk Region.